Clean Up the Judiciary

This man’s name is Mujthaz Fahmy. His mobile phone number is 7778111. We want you to call him. Why? He is the Chairman of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) which has a mandate under the constitution to appoint and scrutinize judges. As the Chairman of JSC, Mujthaz is keeping important documents to himself without sharing it with other JSC members. He is trying to appoint corrupt judges who have criminal records. The JSC is trying to make those judges permanent, meaning they will remain in their positions till they retire at 70 years of age.

This is an important alert to members and supporters of 919 Movement. In 2008, we worked day and night to bring democracy to the Maldives. We organised campaigns, we put coffins on streets of the capital and we distributed hundreds of fliers. Our friends from Lable Red and the youth of Villingili held music shows protesting the dictatorship. Badhalakah Emmen held a march down the central street of Male and organised music shows. However, the struggle is not over yet. Without a good judiciary our democracy will be like a melody without music.

So please make that phone call to Mujthaz Fahmy and tell him you don’t want criminals as judges. We want you to send him SMS saying you want only judges with clean records in the judiciary. Keep checking this blog for more updates and actions.

For background info on JSC and what is happening now:
Article 285:
Velezinee’s Blog:
Idhikeeli FB page:
Idhikeeli Blog:


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