Marking first anniversary of democracy in Maldives

On 28 October 2008, the people of the Maldives brought democracy to the country and toppled a 30-year-old dictatorship through a nonviolent and peaceful election. It is now time to build on the foundation laid on that day and work towards a democracy of which our future generations could be proud. There are forces within our society trying to destabilise our democracy. There are forces that would like to take the country back to the corruption and autocracy that were hallmarks of the 30-year-old dictatorship. But we are not going there anymore. Never again.

The youth of Villingili say no to Gayoom

A music show organised in October 2008 by the youth of Villingili (ViliMale') to protest against the 30-year-old dictatorship.


Mariyam Manike, mother of Eavan Naseem – the inmate tortured and killed in Maafushi jail on 19 September 2003 – standing near a coffin placed by 919 at Gadi Buru area of Male’ in October 2008.


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